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This is a very quick post meant for those of you who haven’t been linked to this amazing project happening this month in Monteverde. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the community, and in hopes of raising $60,000 for the Monteverde Friends School and its scholarship fund, the community has taken to the treetops. Anyone who wishes to has the opportunity to climb a tall strangler fig near the school with climbing rope technology…or to go up a tree on the ridge over the San Luis valley by extension ladder and spend the night on a platform…or do yoga on a platform closer to ground level in Baja del Tigre that is accessible for most… or gather with others, who are perhaps too young or old for the big trees, on a platform in the children’s playground at the school…or sit on Wolf Guindon’s SuspensionBridge in the middle of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve amongst the treetops and watch birds.

I am hoping to spend Monday night, along with my friend Mary Stuckey Newswanger, in that tall tree on Katy and Frank’s farm – we are waiting to see if the time slot has already been booked. If we can, I will take my laptop and camera, and Mary will bring snacks, and we will spend the night in the canopy, with our sleeping bags, a spectacular view, a sky full of stars, and each other for company which means alot of conversation and laughter. The creative energy that has been flowing out of those who have gone up the trees is amazing and being recorded on their website, in a new blog, and on Facebook.

So please check out the website below: make sure you read through the wonderful entries by treesitters that include tales from their nests, haikus, and more….look at the photo gallery…go to the art auction where local artists such as Lucky Guindon, Paul Smith, Sarah Dowell and Patricia Jimenez have donated beautiful original paintings for the fundraising efforts…and make sure you go to People and Places and follow the link to “Connections”. You can register and share your own memories of Monteverde or your thoughts on alternative education or your experiences climbing trees. The community hopes to expand its horizons in cyberspace and include as many of its friends as possible.

And please, if you are able, send a donation to this amazing school in the cloud forest – any amount is appreciated and will go to supporting children both here at MFS and those who graduate and need assistance to carry on studying at university. The information is all on the website.

In the meantime, I’m preparing a short presentation on Wolf  for Monteverde’s Ecofest on Sunday – speaking just five minutes is much harder for me than an hour…and hoping to get the confirmation that Mary and I can be night owls in the treetops of Monteverde Monday night…I’ll keep you posted. Peace and high high hopes….
July 2020