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Walking with Wolf is the story of Wolf Guindon and the community of Monteverde, Costa Rica, but it is also the story of his wife Lucky.  She was eighteen-years-old when she moved with her twenty-year-old husband, Wolf, to the wet mountaintop in Costa Rica and began life as a pioneer in a land very different from the cornfields of Iowa where she was born.  They raised eight children in this remote environment and for the first thirty years she was a full-time mother, living in relative isolation, having to walk at least a couple of kilometers to meet with her neighbours and the rest of the community. 

In 1972, a couple of North American artists, Bill Kucha and Ron Tomlinson, came to Monteverde and started teaching art to the locals.  The amount of talent on that mountain was extraordinary.  There are now many full-time artists in Monteverde who had their beginnings with these classes.  Lucky was one of these.  She developed her style of pen-and-ink drawings, detailed, intricate portrayals of the trees, vegetation and forest that surrounded her.  She generously donated the drawing featured here, Judy’s Entrance, to be part of Walking with Wolf, but there are many more of her beautiful drawings available, both originals and prints.  I have included a website in the links where you can contact the gallery in Monteverde where her art is shown.  Although the website doesn’t yet include any images of Lucky’s work, it will one day soon.  It does however feature their daughter Helena’s work, stunning colourful vistas from their farm over the Gulf of Nicoya and studies of the tall twisted trees and vibrant plants found in the forest. 

As Wolf’s son, Tomas, says, “In what each of my brothers and sisters [and mother and father] is doing, there’s art or there’s the woods. The art comes right from nature, from feeling the forest around you. There’s the human need for peace and tranquility, for a spiritual calm that you only get when you’re surrounded by nature.” 

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