From the Friends Journal, Philadelphia, February 2009:


“Chornook, a Canadian who spent 16 years visiting Wolf and the rain forest, has written a book of extraordinary depth and insight that make the story leap to life. If you are interested in seeing what it was like to farm in Costa Rica in the era before ecotourism, a vibrant picture of the rain forest, or a grassroots view of what an environmental movement can look like to ordinary people caught in the middle of it, this is the book to read.


Although Chornook is not a Quaker, her book provides insights into the relationship of Quaker practice to environmentalism…The lesson that shines out from this book: Go where the spirit leads and life around you will be changed in amazing ways.”


“I had the good luck of walking with Wolf before the famous golden toads disappeared from the Monteverde Reserve. With an energy I’d never seen before, Wolf took me up the trails and explained to me the phenomena of the appearance of these extraordinary amphibians. In Walking with Wolf, Kay Chornook successfully captures and shares this same energy with those of us who are lucky enough to read this book.”
Alvaro Ugalde, founder of the National Parks System of Costa Rica


“Through telling the life-story of Wolf Guindon, this book blends the historic, human, ecological and social dimensions of the community of Monteverde. At the same time it pays tribute to the marvelous natural sanctuary that surrounds this great history. The author has written this with her heart wide open.”

Manuel Monestel, Costa Rican musician, writer, and socio-cultural historian


“Wolf Guindon is a special type. Without him and others like him, Costa Rican or foreign, all cut from this cloth of the fanatical – enthusiastic, dedicated, and appreciative of the natural world – and all prepared to invest their entire lives to a social cause that is bigger than any one person, Costa Rica would not be the green place it is today. Kay Chornook applied her own type of Canadian observation and her own experiences in examining the life of Wolf. Be it through his personal observations or while being observed by the author and others, we are offered a look at what creates and motivates this special type of person.”

Daniel Janzen, biologist and author of the Natural History of Costa Rica


“It is rare to find a book that is adaptable for use by college classes in Environmental or Conservation studies, Biology, Zoology, all the sciences in fact, as well as United States History, Latin American history, and even Creative Literature. Walking with Wolf provides students, professors, or anyone interested in preserving the environment or changing the world, with an entertaining and well written account of a small community in Costa Rica where a group of Quakers, led by Wolf Guindon, the protagonist of the story, have helped to change their own lives and the world around them.  The author, Kay Chornook, is herself an enthusiastic environmentalist and her effervescent  personality shines through in her writing and in her excellent  and entertaining presentations.  This book should be required reading for any professor interested in inspiring his or her students with the possibilities for changing our world.”   

Caroline Castillo Crimm, Ph.D. Professor of History, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas


“Kay Chornook gives us an intimate picture of Wolf Guindon, Quaker, pioneer, trailblazer and chainsaw salesman turned dedicated conservationist. Her longtime relationship with the Monteverde community and Wolf’s family paints a full portrait of our hero – the right man at the right time – without whose efforts conservation in Costa Rica would not have been as successful. Chornook’s descriptions are so vivid that readers will almost feel the cloud mist on their face and the mud sucking at their boots.”            

Rachel Crandell, president of the Monteverde Conservation League US and author of The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure (2008)




“The life of Wolf Guindon is in itself a message and a path. This book tells his story, which should inspire everyone to move in a direction that will make the world a better place. He literally and metaphorically hacked out a trail that opened Monteverde, Costa Rica, one of the most precious jewels in the Americas, to the public, at the same time guaranteeing its protection. Walking With Wolf contains Wolf’s words of wisdom as well as many tales of his adventures. It also draws parallels with our need to appreciate and protect our own Canadian natural landscape. It is well worth the read.”

Robert Bateman, naturalist and wildlife artist who art has graced many books including Birds (2002)




“Wolf Guindon is one of the rare people whose life has made a difference to the planet. And here he comes full tilt, scattering yarns as he patrols the cloud forests of Costa Rica. His tales of paradise preserved are zesty, droll, inspiring – and because he’s an imperfect man with a costly obsession, they can leave a bittersweet taste as well.

Kay Chornook has woven a wonderful tapestry from Wolf’s memories, depicting a precious part of the world and a network of men and women whose gusto and sacrifice have kept it intact. Great dreams, great deeds, great stories. I couldn’t put this book down.”

Dennis Lee, Poet Laureate of Toronto 2001-2004, author of Yesno (2007) and Alligator Pie (1974)




“With prose often as pristine as cloud forest mist, Kay Chornook’s lyrical homage to one of Earth’s original deep ecologists is intimate and inspiring. Her labor of love well serves both her mentor and our imperiled planet.”

Paul McKay, investigative journalist and author Electric Empire (1983)




“This splendid slice of Costa Rican social history, beautifully presented by Kay Chornook, tells it as it really was. It is a heartrending story of one man’s love of adventure and wild places set alongside his love for his growing family and his ties with the Quaker community in which he lives. Through his innate kindness and ability to change the perspective of those around him, Wolf has enriched many peoples’ lives. Now, through reading this great book, others can share his unconventional way of looking at life.”

Patricia and Michael Fogden, international wildlife photographers and authors of Hummingbirds of Costa Rica (2006)



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