Here is a list of the places you can find Walking with Wolf. As I get out and about, I will add to the list:


In San Jose:

  1. 7 Street Books (Calle 7 @ Avenida Central)
  2. Lehman’s Bookstores (various locations)

In Monteverde/Santa Elena:

  1. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (look for Wolf sitting in the parking lot, peddling books and talking)
  2. Hummingbird Gallery
  3. Alquimiartes Guindon Gallery
  4. Meg’s Terrace Gallery
  5. Ritmos
  6. Chunches
  7. Supermercado Gift store
  8. Vitosis
  9. Monteverde Tourist Information Center

Elsewhere in Costa Rica:

  1. Topsy’s Librarie in Montezuma
  2. ATEC office in Puerto Viejo
  3. Arenal Observatory Lodge near La Fortuna
  4. Gallery of Wood Art on road to La Fortuna waterfall


In Hamilton, Ontario:

  1. Coles Bookstore in Jackson Square
  2. Bryan Prince Booksellers
  3. The Pearl Company Artstore, 16 Steven St.
  4. Different Drummer Books (Burlington)
  5. Mixed Media, James St. N.

In Toronto, Ontario

  1. Pages Books and Magazines, 256 Queen St. W.
  2. Book City, 716 Queen St. W.

In Westport, Ontario

  1. Stillwater Books, Church Street, Westport.

In New Liskeard, Ontario

  1. Chat Noir Bookstore, New Liskeard

In North Bay area

  1. Hibou Boutique, North Bay
  2. The Moon Cafe, Mattawa

In Guelph, Ontario

  1. The Bookshelf, 41 Quebec Street


  1. Olney Friends School bookstore, Barnesville, Ohio
  2. Pendle Hill Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA


  1. Quaker Book Store, Euston Road, London