I am very happy to tell you that Walking with Wolf  has just been given a chance to spread further and fly higher.  After two years of trying to make the connection, and now with the help of my friends Edín and Lorena, I’ve finally made contact with the buyer at Café Britt. This is the coffee company that many people tour when they come to Costa Rica, but it is also the company that owns the souvenir stores in the airports and some of the bigger hotels in the country.

So, starting next week, Walking with Wolf will be given a thirty day trial in the two Café Britt stores at the Juan Santamaria (San José, Costa Rica) airport. The company has ordered thirty books for the thirty day trial. Our book will sit pretty on the shelves with the many other books about Costa Rica, but having just checked it out when leaving for Guatemala, it is really the only book of it’s kind – a narrative non-fiction about the pacifistic and ecological community Monteverde and our walking hero, Wolf Guindon.

My big request to all those following this blog is this: IF you know anyone traveling to or from Costa Rica in the next month and IF they would be so kind, would you PLEASE ask them to stop and purchase a copy of Walking with Wolf – the truth is, it will be selling cheaper there than even I sell it or any other stores (but after this month of push, it won’t be in competition to the other stores, as it would be a last minute purchase at the airport before leaving the country.) Of course we make less money per copy on the book but the opportunity to sell at the airport is huge as far as possible sales. They are going to sell it for $17.99. I believe it is a great souvenir that can spread a positive and interesting story.

I’m thrilled that this is finally happening – I now keep my fingers crossed that it will sell well in this trial period and Café Britt will make a larger order and carry it in all their stores. I thank the company for the opportunity – I’ve seen many of their products here in the mountains of Guatemala – and they are actually cheaper here than in Ticolandia!

I know that Wolf is also very happy that I finally managed to make this happen. Of course, he will be even happier when the Spanish version comes out…and just before leaving for Guatemala last week, I spent five hours with the editor of the translation, and upon my return I’ll continue over several more days to help him correct Carlos Guindon’s work. That publication is many steps closer to a reality and I know that Wolf, more than anyone, will be very emotional when he is able to give the book to his Spanish-speaking colleagues and friends.

So, once again, if people can spread the word to  visitors heading to Costa Rica or Costa Rican residents leaving – the book at the airport is only available in English, but I’m hoping that if it does well, they will also purchase the Spanish edition when it is available. Happy happy day! Gracias por su apoyo!