Another very quick update on Wolf and Lucky. Yesterday the doctor said that Wolf was showing signs of improvement – the infection is subsiding that has been bringing him down. He has been with a feeding tube, but the doc hopes that he´’ll get strong enough in the next few days to be taken off that and able to eat so that he can go home. Wolf was upset that he wasn’t going home, but when it was explained to him that he needs to get stronger so we can take him up themountain, he started pumping his leg with the force of a (somewhat lightweight) weight lifter.

Lucky, who had some serious bronchitis about a month ago, was much better last week, but the heat of Puntarenas and the stress has worn her down. She saw a doctor yesterday who gave her some serious antibiotics and said to make her rest rather than going to see Wolf. We moved to a hotel just 100 meters from the hospital which makes it much easier to go back and forth. She is sleeping, somewhat feverish, but we made a big pot of chicken soup and figure that’ll fix her right up. She isn’t in any danger, just worn down and in need of some care, which is happening.

Tomas and Helena arrived on Saturday from the US to help Alberto, Benito, Ricky and Melody, various grandchildren (and yours truly) – the Guindon Support Team- and we think that Tonio and Carlos are on their way. So family is taking care of family, love abounds, the community sends their support in many ways (The Guindons gave thanks daily for the many donations that are helping them to make decisions without too many monetary limitations), and all those who know these special people are holding them all in the light.

That light is so bright, we need sunglasses! Or maybe that is the hot sunshine here in Puntarenas. Whichever, the warmth is wonderful.