Hi friends, a very quick note as I’ve left the hospital briefly to come into Puntarenas to check my email and buy Benito and I new clothes for our extended stay in the heat. Family is arriving to help care for our friend, father, husband and dear Wolf, who is not doing well. The doctors are hard to see and hard to follow, but the geriatric doctor on Friday said ¨Give us 3 more days to see what we can do to help Wolf recover¨before the family must make a decision on moving him to a private hospital for a different care, or getting him home to his wonderful mountain, his loving community and that beautiful forest that surrounds his house, to spend his last days with everything and everyone that he loves, in peace.

Please hold him in the light, send him love and prayers, think of him with big smiles – though he is having a hard time talking, his humor shines through, but some of the only words that come clearly out of his mouth are..’I WANT TO GO HOME’…so I hope we get him there soon. I have been distributing ‘I Walked with Wolf’ buttons to nurses and fellow patients and the ward is filling with love from his family and friends, and a growing respect from those who are just meeting Wolf in a weakened state that isn’t what any of us who know him would identify as ‘normal’ Wolf.  Wolf’s legend lives on, the tougher the conditions, the stronger he is, but I fear he is getting tired, and justifiably so. Hasta la proxima…and Lucky is okay physically, but, understandably just trying to keep up to shifting realities.