Sunny greetings from shiny Monteverde – all that water that fell, all that leafy green growth, now all that sun reflecting everywhere – it’s a stunning day here.

As the weather got nicer over the last week, the life of the Guindon family got more difficult. Lucky returned home a couple of weeks ago, after a few days rest in the hospital. It turns out that she may not have had any heart issues except for high blood pressure. The severe chest pain was more likely the cracked ribs and bronchitis together, neither healing quickly and eventually erupting in more serious pain. Lucky is now taking antibiotics and trying to really take care of her health.

When Lucky went to the hospital, she left Wolf here in Monteverde recuperating from his cataract surgery, recently installed pacemaker and urinary issues under the watchful care of Nurse Benny. Lucky tells me she is trying to learn to let go. “Let go, let God,” she repeats. Hard for a woman who has been taking care of her family and community for sixty years plus. Then she found out that, according to Wolf, Benito is a better nurse than her. “He doesn’t tell me what to do so much,” says Wolf. One night last week, she lay in bed worrying about the community Christmas lists, and everything that needs to get done down here at this time of the year (Lucky usually in the middle of it). She felt good enough to go to meeting this past Sunday and found out that, thanks to all the other wonderful folks here, the Christmas prep was well under control. “Let go, let God, let others,” I say.

Two days ago, Alberto, his wife Angelina (her two sons who just arrived here from California) and Benito, took a very frail, confused and in pain Wolf to San José. I’m staying with Lucky and she’s getting a few days of rest. I’m trying to take care of her, as much as she can let someone take care of her. We are playing lots of Scrabble and double solitaire and that keeps us both happy while we wait for news.

The others are doing a lot of waiting in the hospital corridor between doctor visits, tests, test results, and more doctors. With so many things going on medically, everyone’s confusion has increased, not just Wolf’s. The tests have verified what the family already knew, that Wolf was dehydrated. They discovered at 4 a.m. this morning that his catheter was blocked and Wolf has a bad urinary infection. These things together can explain the pain and instability. Once they took care of the blockage and got him medication, the clan, including Wolf, returned to the Casa Ridgeway at 6 a.m. and are finally getting some sleep. They have more to take care of today after getting some rest and will hopefully all come home tomorrow morning, if they can convince Wolf to stay and rest one more night in the city.  But of course, this is Wolf, still wanting to be on the move. And to come home to his loving wife Lucky.

The picture is of Benito, Berto, Wolf and Lucky as the men headed off to San José. Wolf went gracefully, but with great concern that he may never come home. Lucky remained here gracefully, though normally she would have gone with Wolf. She didn’t resist so hard this time when her family wanted her to stay at home and take care of herself. Let go, let God, Lucky.

As per the last phone calls, it looks like Wolf will be coming home soon. I’ll keep you posted as to what is happening when I can.

I’m so happy I am here in Costa Rica and able to be an active member of the Guindon support team. I love these people.