This is a very quick post to say Happy Birthday to my – our – good friend Wolf Guindon. He turns 80 today. Wolf has been having a series of health scares, emergencies, problems. The last I heard, two days ago he was taken into the hospital in San Jose and was going to receive a pacemaker for that big heart of his.

If his heart beats as fast as he walked, that pacemaker is going to have to learn to keep up to him!

I am packing and preparing to leave home today and fly tomorrow to Costa Rica. By Thursday I should be in Monteverde joining in the celebration with the Guindons…or staying a day or two longer in San Jose to visit Wolf in the hospital. I’ll keep you posted.

Once I’m back in Costa Rica, I will pick up writing this blog with renewed vigor, keeping you up-to-date with Wolf news, Monteverde stories, Costa Rican politics, and my life in the jungle.

In the meantime, this is the letter sent out by the Monteverde Friends School, who has assisted the Guindon family both emotionally and financially. Please read it and if you can help cover the medical costs for Wolf’s continuing health care, that would be a very generous act of kindness and would be appreciated by the family and the community. 

Dear Friends,

As you can see from the subject of this email, Wolf Guindon is in need of a pacemaker and your prayers today. He is in the Clinica Católica in San José in intensive care. Lucky, Alberto and Angelina are with him.
As I write this email, funds are being delivered from the Monteverde Meeting to the hospital with the hopes that this payment will make it possible for the operation to happen tonight.  The doctors fees are $4000. The hospital fees, including the cost of the pacemaker, are $7000.  The total needed is at least $11,000. The Meeting has agreed to loan the Guindon family up to this amount.  We hope that most of the funds will be repaid by friends and family who love Wolf.
If you would like to donate you may do so in one of the following ways:
(1) Deposit into the Monteverde Meeting’s Banco Nacional account number 200-02-127-000137-0. It is important to specify in the detail that the donation is for Wolf’s medical needs.
(2) Send a check to:
Monteverde Friends U.S.
P.O. Box 993
Amherst, Massachusetts 01004
Make the check out to Monteverde Friends U.S. and specify that it is for the Special Needs Fund.
Thank you for your support and prayers. It is holy to experience the care, love and unity in making this operation happen.  We hope that those of you who are not in Monteverde feel a part of the circle of love too.
With love and gratitude,
Katy Van Dusen
for the Monteverde Monthly Meeting of Friends