I was just speaking with Wolf’s son Ricky. He told me that Wolf is still in the Hospital Mexico in San Jose, Lucky is with him, and that he had some heart monitor and perhaps a procedure to clear a blockage. He won’t know more till later and so I won’t know more till I come back into town, but things are looking good. We head up to Monteverde in about 4 days so I trust that I’ll see him then, not have to stop and visit him in the Hospital on the way!

My heart goes out to my cousin Mary Jane who just lost her mother, Ruth VanLuven, at 90 years of age. Also to my friend Cheryl, whose daughter died a few days ago – somethings in life are just too difficult to deal with. Life should be lived out to the ripe old age of 90, but it isn’t always like that. Rest in Peace Kristen.