I am very sorry to report that the lifeless body of Wendell the Wallaby, after running, hopping and leaping through the Ottawa region for the last two weeks [see Not so Scary After All], has been found just fifteen kilometers from the animal park he escaped from.  How sad is that? Almost home. They haven’t said what happened to him yet.  I can only hope that he enjoyed his freedom and felt like he was flying across those fields. Hopefully he wasn’t living in sheer terror. At least he can rest now.

UPDATE:  I just went to the website of Saunders Country Critters in Kemptville, near Ottawa, the people who owned Wendell.  I must correct the information from the newswire – he was found in a cornfield 40 kilometers from home, so maybe wasn’t heading home at all, just hopelessly lost.  The autopsy was inconclusive as to what happened to him, but he had died about five days before they found him.  Says something for the scavengers of the area – maybe wallaby was just too exotic for their Ottawa Valley tastebuds…sorry, don’t mean to be flippant…I feel bad for the people who loved him, their website shows how painful this was for them.