Thought I wouldn’t be writing again so soon except I felt that I had to announce (but one more larger-than-life announcement from the Chornook camp) that I have for the first time ever used my wireless – which is working just great.  I haven’t got on the plane yet nor gone any further than Camp Naivelt up here near Brampton, northwest of Toronto.  My friends Treeza and Rick, Terry, Jack and a whole bunch of old socialists (or the offspring of old socialists – what do you call them? wallflowers?) live here – Terry is the only resident who lives here, the rest are in the process of moving back in along with the summer weather. I was supposed to meet up with Treeza and Rick this past winter in Guatemala, where they have a home, on my drive to Costa Rica but that didn’t happen due to the inevitable delays of publishing – next year amigos.

This little settlement is a circle of humble, multi-coloured cabins which are summer homes to an interesting bunch of people, but the place is getting completely surrounded by large subdivision homes.  This is a heritage site and should be protected forever but one has to wonder how long a sanctuary such as this will hold out against developers. It’s hard to say.  Naivelt’s been here since 1938, this camp community, but it will be a miracle if it can hold its own against the encroachment of conspicuous consumption.

Treeza generously picked me, my bags, and my boxes of books up this afternoon and brought me here for one last Canadian celebration before getting on the plane.  Since wireless worked, I had to try my laptop.  I was able to connected with Kathryn who is already fielding book orders from this blog – I’m now able to do business as long as there is wireless.  Very cool I say.  But gotta go now and be social, I mean socialist. 

Maybe I’ll write from the airport – just because I can.

ADDENDUM:  From the airport – well Kaching Kaching, kinda expensive taking my boxes of books with me to Costa Rica (the ones on the slow boat cruise were much much cheaper to ship) – but had to have them with me.  I think I just signed up for some expensive wireless network which I don’t need, I’m such an innocent.  I am able to stay in touch with Kathryn – will be adjusting shipping rates – the best thing for people is to email kathryn directly (check BUY THIS BOOK) and get the proper shipping/handling cost.  I rounded up costs and some are too high.  Sorry about that – don’t mean to gouge anyone, just cover costs.  It’ll get worked out.  Next post will be from Monteverde – unless the plane gets rerouted of course.