When any extreme event, good or bad, happens in your life, everything seems to take on a life of its own and quickly spin out of control.  Well, maybe that’s a gross exaggeration in this case, and maybe, seeing as I’ve been waiting forever for this book to appear, I should’ve been prepared, nonetheless I’m still feeling slightly askew.

I had a hard time making my bed this morning. I mean, really! I’ve been doing that since I was four but could I straighten out the wrinkles today? I think it took 10 minutes, going back and forth, side to side, and it still wasn’t right but hey, it’s only a bed. The fact that I kept working at it is the silly part. I’m about to head out with my friend Freda Cole to visit local bookstores and do some business, and it’s a good thing I’m not driving.  Distracted and discombobulated I am I am.

I just spoke with Wolf who himself is still in a state of disbelief – until he sees the book for himself, he’s taking my word for the fact that it exists and has all ten toes and fingers (oh right, I said I wouldn’t do the baby metaphors anymore – sorry.)  Turns out that I’m going to arrive in Costa Rica as a real VIP this year – the Monteverde Reserve is sending Wolf and Beto, the chauffeur, down in a company truck to pick me up at the airport! That’s a good three to four-hour trip from Monteverde to Alajuela and no small gesture on behalf of Carlos Hernandez, the director of the Reserve. I’m sure they’ll be in their crisp Reserve uniforms – it’ll be like getting greeted by the army.  I’ll know I’ve arrived. I’m taking bets on how many seconds will pass before Wolf & I are crying.

I sold the very first book last night to a couple of my longest-time friends – Gerry Thompson and Pat Estey – who came to help me cut up some firewood before I leave for the summer, stayed for supper and celebrated. Little details like that – who gets the first book? – are somehow very profound right now.  Tonight I head to Toronto to celebrate with Ken and Bruce – my design team – and a variety of other folks at some place called the Shanghai Cowgirl – somehow Canadians celebrating a book about the rain forest in an Asian rodeo seems apropos.  Right now, you know, everything seems right.  

Freda just walked in the door with balloons (blue & pink with parrots and hibiscus on them – non-gender specific but tropical) and blowing a tooter – an appropriate flourish for the occasion! 

Addendum: several hours later, we return, having met with great success at local booksellers.  They all took books, all said that the book and my little “For Immediate Release” blurb looked great, and were thinking about who they knew who would read it first.  I liked that. Walking with Wolf  is now available in Hamilton at The Pearl Company, Coles in Jackson Square, Bryan Prince in Westdale, as well as Different Drummer in Burlington.  I return from my first book-peddling expedition feeling like these books are just gonna disappear off the shelves (an optimist I am I am) – and Freda & I felt like we’d done a good days work and had a whole lotta fun. Gotta rest now…big soiree in TO tonight.