Well, the phone did ring, but it was at the last minute of the business day and only with semi-bad news…the shipping would be delayed by a day, press problems.  For me, after eighteen years, what’s another day? So I took it calmly, mostly wanted to know when I need to be here to receive information or the books themselves.  I spent yesterday waiting around for the phone call, afraid to leave my house – and that coincided with 150 Hell’s Angels and other bikers and their women descending on my neighbour’s home for a wake after the funeral of one of their friends.  Within fifteen minutes, just after noon, my normally quiet street filled with Harley’s, my front yard filled with beer-drinking leather-clad bald heads and long hairs, and I felt like I was held hostage in my little home – I couldn’t go anywhere since I needed to be here and I couldn’t go outside as I didn’t want to particularly mix and mingle. My main concern was that they didn’t step on my flowers while using my little front lawn as the party overspill since they couldn’t all fit in the neighbour’s yard.  But I digress…(and no harm was done except cigarette butts left in their wake).

So today I’ll work at getting together a Paypal account, a new email address, a new bank account – all those things that you need to run an online business, thru my company Wandering Words Press.  There is never a shortage of things I can be doing, I find making the decision of what to do is generally more complicated than just the doing! I’m having a problem putting photos on this blog so will hopefully take care of that too. One more day waiting on the book is nothing, just an extra day of preparations – it also gives me time to pick up the cigarette butts.