It’s interesting what happens when you invite a few people into the cyber-birthing room.  I hesitantly cracked the door open, to welcome a few friends in for a visit, you know, to check out the surroundings, and the next thing I know, the door is wide open and there is a party going on that has spilled out into the hallway.  I’m not complaining – I’m just in awe of the power of networking, the speed with which news travels, and the kindness that people have shown in support of what so far has been a very personal project on its way to going public.  Bit by bit the news of the coming of Walking with Wolf is spreading throughout the land.

I must acknowledge my blog-master guru guy, Jeremy Bloom, down in Portland, Maine. He very patiently taught me how to work this site, what is possible, what all the different headings mean (in my naivety I had mistaken a post for a page – how gauche).  J has a very clear, uncomplicated way of explaining this strange life to those of us who have managed to skip the blogosphere so far.  He isn’t responsible for my babbling, but he is responsible for getting me to babble in the right place. Thanks J honey – at least some of your sown seeds have taken root.

With every email I send, I receive at least one helpful suggestion back as to what I should be thinking about.  And for once, I don’t mind being told what to do. This is new territory for me, selling a product as well as self-promotion. Benefiting from the expertise of others who have already walked this road is a great gift, a huge resource. So anyone reading who has an idea, a contact, or a plan with which I can conquer the world, if you take the time to send it to me, I’ll appreciate your effort & your concern.  Right away, I realize I’m going to need to manage my emails, like a real business person. With the increased traffic on my cyber-highway, I’m going to start losing people and information if I don’t learn how to file it.  And one day soon, I’m going to have to keep “books” – as in an account of how many books I sell.  The organized Virgo part of me relishes the idea (making all those columns, lists, adding up numbers…), the rest of me (who has pretty much gone through life winging it) just sighs and repeats “it’s inevitable”. All of me says “it’s incredible”. The book is done.  Let the book tour begin!

As the date the printer gave me for shipping Walking with Wolf approaches (May 8 – 4 days from now) I move into practicalities – re-enforcing my floor to hold the ton of books that will be stored here; writing press releases, getting my garden ready for abandonment (anticipating the jungle that will exist when I return in August), deciding who I should get this book to before I leave for Costa Rica, and who can wait till I’m back in Canada. 

Mostly, I’m trying to sleep soundly, stay healthy, save up my energy, enjoy myself, and prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the culmination of this now 18-year project.  I can’t stop smiling when I think of seeing Wolf and placing the book in his hands.  The tears will flow, there is no doubt, and then the dancing will begin.  And hopefully, his knees will be in good enough shape that we can go on a good trek through the cloud forest together – a celebratory rite-of-passage, into the lush, leafy world that inspired him, and in turn me, in this life-time project.